Zehntnerella Britton & Rose ()
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šŸŒµ Type Zehntnerella squamulosa

Zehntner + Latin -ella, diminutive suffix, also used to form generic names (usually from personal names) without implication of smallness (Stearn, Botanical Latin. 3rd Edition: 289. 1983). Named for Swiss naturalist Leo Zehntner (1864-1961), “formerly of the Horto Florestal, Joazeiro, Brazil, who has furnished us specimens and valuable information concerning many of the cacti from this region. It is a great pleasure to name a genus for this very keen observer, who has done such valuable work in Brazil, often under very trying circumstances. It is based upon a plant which Dr. Rose collected with him on the hills east of Joazeiro, Bahia, June 4, 1915 (No. 19760).”

Zehntnerella is considered a synonym of Facheiroa. Both names were published simultaneously and thus originally had equal priority, but “[Pierre] Braun prefers the generic name Facheiroa, and an earlier preference of the [IOS] Working Party for Zehntnerella has therefore been set aside” (Bradleya 4: 72. 1986).

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