Zehntnerella squamulosa

Zehntnerella squamulosa Britton & Rose ()
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Latin squāmŭla ‘little scale’ + Latin –ōsus ‘full of’. For the scales on the ovary. The name is based on Cereus squamosus Gürke, which Britton and Rose (correctly) suspected to be the same species. They thought a photograph of Cereus squamosus resembled their Zehntnerella squamulosa, “but the detailed description of Cereus squamosus does not wholly agree with it, and we have been unable to examine the type specimen of Cereus squamosus“.

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Maarten H.J. van der Meer (2022 Feb 05). Zehntnerella squamulosa. Dictionary of Cactus Names. Retrieved from https://www.cactusnames.org/zehntnerella-squamulosa