Wigginsia D.M.Porter ()
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šŸŒµ Type Wigginsia sellowii
šŸŒµ Replacement of Malacocarpus

Named for American botanist Ira Loren Wiggins (1899-1987). Porter: “It is a great pleasure to name the genus for Dr. Ira L. Wiggins, Scientific Director of the Belvedere Scientific Fund of San Francisco, California, USA, longtime student of the Cactaceae, and the person who awakened my interest in plant systematics while I was a student at Stanford University.”

This is a replacement name for Malacocarpus.

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van der Meer, Maarten H.J. (2022, February 5). Wigginsia. Dictionary of Cactus Names. Retrieved from https://www.cactusnames.org/wigginsia

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