Weberbauerocereus Backeb. ()
🌡 Author(s)
🌡 Published in Cactaceae (Berlin) 1941, Pt. 2, 75 (1942)
🌡 Type Weberbauerocereus fascicularis

Weberbauer + Cereus, the name of a genus of columnar cacti and a designation for columnar cacti in general. Named for German botanist August Weberbauer (1871-1948) or for Cereus weberbaueri (= Weberbauerocereus weberbaueri), which at the time was considered a synonym of Cereus fascicularis, the type species of Weberbauerocereus. This is a replacement name for the invalid Meyenia, which had Cereus weberbaueri as its type species.

Weberbauerocereus species are known in Peru as huarango [Quechua waranqu], a generic term for “large shrubby plant” (David Yetman, The Great Cacti: Ethnobotany & Biogeography: 212. 2007).

Not to be confused with Weberocereus and Weberbaueria.

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