Thelocactus rinconensis

Thelocactus rinconensis (Poselg.) Britton & Rose ()
🌡 Author(s)

🌡 Published in Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 4: 7 (1923)
🌡 BasionymEchinocactus rinconensis
🌡 Basionym author(s)
🌡 Basionym published in Allg. Gartenzeitung (Otto & Dietrich) 23: 18 (1855)

Spanish rincΓ³n ‘corner’ + Latin –ensis, geographical suffix. For the occurrence in “Mexico near La Rinconada” (Poselger), presumably Rinconada (Spanish rinconada ‘corner’), Nuevo LeΓ³n. The epithet is sometimes corrected to rinconadensis.

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