Thelocactus buekii

Thelocactus buekii (E.Klein bis) Britton & Rose ()
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🌵 BasionymEchinocactus buekii ()
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Not explained by Klein, who spelled the epithet both Buckii and Buekii. Theodor Rümpler (Handb. Cacteenk. (ed. 2 – Rümpler): 590. 1886) corrected it to Bueckii in the assumption that it referred to “Johannes Nicolaus Bück”, a botanist from Frankfurt (Oder) who died in 1856, but this person’s surname was actually spelled “Buek”.

Edward F. Anderson (Bradleya 5: 66. 1987):

I have concluded that the epithet buekii is the correct one for the following reasons: 1) probably it was named in honour of either Heinrich Wilhelm Buek (1796-1879) or Johannes Nicola[u]s Buek (1779-1856), both of whom were contemporaries of Klein; 2) the plant is referred to in two different places in the index of the journal as E. buekii; and 3) nearly everyone has followed the spelling buekii. It is therefore quite likely that an unfortunate typographic error was made in the title of the article naming the new species.

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