Rebutia tropaeolipicta

Rebutia tropaeolipicta F.Ritter ()
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🌡 Published in Kakteen And. Sukk. 28(4): 78 (1977)

Tropaeolum L., a genus in the family Tropaeolaceae + Latin pictus β€˜painted, colored, variegated, of various colors’. For the flower color. Ritter: “colore tropaeoli (6)”. In Ernst Biesalski’s Pflanzenfarben-Atlas nach DIN 6164 (“Plant color atlas”; 1957) color 6, orange, is called Kressenrot ‘cress red’. Tropaeolum majus L. (Indian cress; German: Große Kapuzinerkresse) has orange or red flowers.

The epithet is miscorrected to tropaeoliptica in Urs Eggli and Nigel Taylor, IOS Index of Names of Cactaceae (1991).

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