Rebutia subgen. Dichrorebutia

Rebutia subgen. Dichrorebutia Y.Itô, ()
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Greek dichroös ‘two-colored’ + Rebutia (the compound should correctly be Dichroörebutia). For the color of the spines? Publication not seen. Curt Backeberg (Cactaceae 3: 1555) mentions Chinorebutia, Dichrorebutia and Chionorebutia as subgenera of Rebutia for “species with longer and white or differently colored spines”.

Listed only as a subgenus by Backeberg (l.c.) and Mottram (Cactician 4. 2014), but (probably erroneously) as a genus on several websites.

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van der Meer, Maarten H.J. (2022, February 2). Rebutia subgen. Dichrorebutia. Dictionary of Cactus Names. Retrieved from

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