Rebutia ‘Alabaster’

Rebutia 'Alabaster' Kunzmann ()
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🌵 Published in Kakteen And. Sukk. 24(7): 161-162 (1973)

German Alabaster ‘alabaster’. For the flower color, which reminded Kunzmann of the “shade of a soft pink alabaster stone”. This is a hybrid between Rebutia ‘Stirnadels Meisterstück’ (= Rebutia ‘Meisterstück’) and Rebutia kariusiana (= Rebutia minuscula var. minuscula) ‘Flamingo’. According to Curt Backeberg (Kakteenlexikon: 386. 1979) the parent species of ‘Meisterstück’ are a Rebutia and a Pseudolobivia like Pseudolobivia polyancistra (= Echinopsis ancistrophora). If this is indeed the case, ‘Meisterstück’ and ‘Alabaster’ should be placed in the nothogenus ×Echinobutia.

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