Phyllocactus ‘Volkskanzler Adolf Hitler’

Phyllocactus 'Volkskanzler Adolf Hitler' C.Knebel ()
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🌵 Published in Kakteenkunde 4: 72-73 (1934)

German Volkskanzler Adolf Hitler ‘People’s Chancellor Adolf Hitler’. Curt Knebel concluded his description of this hybrid with the rhetorical question “What other name could be given to this magnificent flower than ‘Volkskanzler Adolf Hitler’?”.

Also incorrectly called ‘Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler’ (‘Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler’) or simply ‘Adolf Hitler’. Renamed ‘Sherman E. Beahm’ after World War II.

Other Knebel hybrids include ‘Mussolini’, ‘Horst Wessel’ and ‘Dr. Josef [sic] Goebbels’.

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