Pediocactus bradyi subsp. winklerae (‘winkleri’)

Pediocactus bradyi subsp. winklerae ('winkleri') (K.D.Heil) Hochstätter ex D.R.Hunt ()
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🌵 BasionymPediocactus winkleri ()

The taxon was first documented in the early 1960s by Agnes Winkler, who was traveling together with her son Jim Winkler. Heil described it under the name Pediocactus winkleri, using the masculine form of the epithet, but without explicitly stating to whom it referred. In 2012 he stated in a phone call with an editor of the Utah Rare Plant Guide (Utah Native Plant Society, Utah Rare Plant Guide What’s New, accessed October 1, 2021) that his intention was to honor Mrs. Winkler rather than her son.

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