Opuntia ursina

Opuntia ursina F.A.C.Weber ()
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🌵 Published in Dict. Hort. [Bois] 896 (1898)

Latin ursīnus ‘pertaining to bears’. For the long, flexible, hair-like spines covering the plant. Based on the name Opuntia Grizzly Bear under which the species was introduced to Europe by Friedrich Adolph Haage Jr. in 1895. Weber claimed that Grizzly Bear was the “indigenous name” of the species, but it is more likely a trade name coined by American cactus dealer Andrew Halstead Alverson (as California Grizzly Bear Cactus), who claimed to be “the first collector and dealer to place this remarkable plant before the public” in his 1893-1894 Price list of cacti found in California and adjoining regions (p. [2]). See also Opuntia ursus-horribilis.

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