Opuntia polyacantha var. trichophora

Opuntia polyacantha var. trichophora (Engelm. & J.M.Bigelow) J.M.Coult. ()
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🌡 BasionymOpuntia missouriensis var. trichophora ()
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🌡 Basionym published in Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 3: 300 (1856)

Greek thrix (stem trich-) β€˜hair’ + Greek –phoros β€˜-bearing’. For the “bristly […] hair-like twisted spines” (Engelmann “aculeis 10-18 setiformibus […] capillaceis flexuosis”). Anthony (in Amer. Midl. Naturalist 55: 253. 1956): “The characteristic of bearing (“phora” Gr.) hairs (“Tricho” Gr.) from lower and older areoles clearly distinguishes this species [Opuntia trichophora] from its close relative, O. polyacantha“.

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