Opuntia elata

Opuntia elata Salm-Dyck ()
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🌵 Published in Hort. Dyck.: 361 (1834)

Latin ēlātus ‘raised, elevated, high, tall’. The name was already in use when Salm-Dyck, who attributed it to the Berlin Botanical Garden (“Hort[us] Berol[inensis]”), published it. Presumably for the tall stems. Salm-Dyck does not mention this characteristic, but he had not seen the species in habitat. The name could also refer to the erect stem segments (Salm-Dyck: “articulis erectis”).

The name Opuntia elatior (Latin ēlātĭor ‘taller’) was published in 1768 and thus does not refer to this species.

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