Opuntia crystalenia

Opuntia crystalenia Griffiths ()
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🌡 Published in Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 43: 528 (1916)

Spanish nopal cristilena (= cristalina?), vernacular name for this species (Griffiths inventory number 8030) in CΓ‘rdenas (San Luis PotosΓ­?), Mexico (Griffiths in Bull. Bur. Pl. Industr. U.S.D.A. XIV: 111. 1907). From Spanish cristalino ‘crystalline’? According to Crook & Mottram (Bradleya 14: 99-144. 1996) the name refers to the edible fruits.

Opuntiaalbicarpa” ‘Cristalina’ is one of the most important commercial Opuntia cultivars in Mexico (Gallegos Vazquez & al. in Acta Hort. 728: 17-28. 2006).

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