Opuntia amarilla

Opuntia amarilla Griffiths ()
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Spanish amarilla ‘yellow’. Presumably for the “peculiarly colored fruits”, “at first turning yellowish but soon showing streaks and blotches of red in deeper tissues and finally becoming completely dull red with the stipe and the raised areoles at the more maturity, rind yellowish and pulp light red”.

The etymology given by Richard Crook and Roy Mottram (Bradleya 13: 98. 1995) (“Probably an adjective formed from the Latin amarus, bitter, and the diminutive termination –ilia [sic]. Slightly bitter Opuntia. If so, it qualifies the taste of the fruit.”) is linguistically unlikely and arguably contradicted by Griffiths himself, who wrote the species had “one of the finest fruits we have assembled in our entire collection”. See also Griffiths & Hare, The Tuna as Food for Man: 42-43. 1907.

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