Notocactus hypocrateriformis

Notocactus hypocrateriformis (Otto & A.Dietr.) Herter ()
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🌵 BasionymEchinocactus hypocrateriformis ()
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🌵 Basionym published in Allg. Gartenzeit. vi: 169 (1838)

Greek hypokratērion ‘stand of a mixing vessel’ + Latin –formis ‘shaped’, i.e. ‘trumpet-shaped’ (C.A. Backer, Verklarend woordenboek: 280. 1936). For the flowers (“flore hypocrateriformi”), described by Otto and Dietrich as “when fully expanded spread out in the shape of a presentation plate” (“bei vollkommener Expansion präsentirtellerförmig ausgebreitet”).

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