Miqueliopuntia ()
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Miquel + Opuntia. Named for the species Miqueliopuntia miquelii (Opuntia miquelii), which in turn is named for German-Dutch botanist Frederik Anton Wilhelm Miquel (1810-1871). Generic names of this type are discouraged in Recommendation 20A.1(g) of the International Code of Nomenclature (“Authors forming generic names should comply with the following: […] Not use a name similar to or derived from the epithet in the name of one of the species of the genus.”).

Paul V. Heath superfluously “corrected” this name to Michaëlopuntia.

For Miquel’s given names and date of birth, see van der Meer, Maarten H.J. (2019) De correcte voornamen en geboortedatum van F.A.W. Miquel. Cactologia Phantastica 7(3): 7-14.

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