Mammillaria huntiana

Mammillaria huntiana García-Mor., A.E.Estrada, Gonz.-Bot. & Vargas-Vázq. ()
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🌵 Published in J. Mammillaria Soc. 54(2): 44 (2014)

Named for British botanist David Richard Hunt (1938-2019). García-Morales & al.: “This new species is dedicated in honour to the English botanist David R. Hunt, for his important contributions to the knowledge of the systematics and taxonomy of the Cactaceae family, and particularly to the genus Mammillaria in Mexico.”

Hunt (in Huitzilopochtlia 12: 115. 2018): “Not everyone wants to have a species named after them, especially if they did not discover it and/or it relates to species already known and may be effectively still-born. Regrettably, this is the case of M. huntiana, of which I knew nothing until I saw it newly described in an article in the Journal of the Mammillaria Society (vol. 54(2): 42–55. 2014). I think any serious Mammillaria enthusiast who looked at the article would have realised, as I did, that the proposed ‘new species’ is actually a mixture of local forms of the two clearly different but sympatric species with which it was compared, M. winterae ssp. aramberri and M. roseoalba. Curiously, also, it does not even seem to have occurred to the authors that there might be some hybrids in the population in which the holotype of their “new species” was found. But their lengthy article was accepted by the Editor, evidently without subjecting it to ‘peer review’.”

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