Maihueniopsis conoidea

Maihueniopsis conoidea (Backeb.) F.Ritter ()
🌵 Author(s)
🌵 Published in Kakteen Südamerika 3: 873 (1980)
🌵 BasionymTephrocactus conoideus ()
🌵 Basionym author(s)
🌵 Basionym published in Cactaceae (Backeberg) 1: 286 (1958)

Latin cōnŏīdĕus ‘conical’. For the conical stem segments. Friedrich Ritter originally wanted to name this species “Tephrocactus schaeferi” after its discoverer, Karl Schäfer, and a related species “Tephrocactus conoideus“, but Curt Backeberg published the name Tephrocactus conoideus for the former species. Ritter (Kakteen Südamerika 3: 874. 1980): “As a result, I was forced not only to give up my name schaeferi for this species, but also the name conoideus for the other species [= Maihueniopsis archiconoidea] […].”

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