Leptocereus leonii

Leptocereus leonii ('Leoni') Britton & Rose ()
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🌵 Published in Torreya 12: 15 (1912)

Named for French-Cuban botanist Brother León (Joseph Sylvestre Sauget, 1871-1955), who collected the type specimen.

The epithet leoni is usually corrected to leonii, but the correct spelling under article 60.8 of the International Code of Nomenclature is arguably leonis, which is the genitive form of Leo, the “well-established latinized form” of León. Joël Lodé (in Cact.-Avent. Int. 34(121): 94. 2022) considers the original spelling leoni correct, but the latinization Leonus this implies is not a “well-established latinized form” form of León.

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