Kadenicarpus Doweld ()
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🌵 Type Kadenicarpus pseudomacrochele

Kaden + Greek karpos ‘fruit’. Named for Russian botanist and carpologist Nikolai N. Kaden. Mottram (Cactician 4. 2014) renders his name “H. H. Kadena” based on a misreading of the Russian “Н. Н. Кадена” (-a is a case ending).

The compound should arguably be Kadenocarpus, but perhaps Doweld changed the connecting vowel to i to be consistent with Turbinicarpus or to avoid confusion with Adenocarpus (Fabaceae). It is in any case not correctable.

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van der Meer, Maarten H.J. (2022, February 5). Kadenicarpus. Dictionary of Cactus Names. Retrieved from https://www.cactusnames.org/kadenicarpus