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Nothogenus for intergeneric hybrids between Aporocactus, Epiphyllum, Heliocereus and Nopalxochia.

The names of nothogenera for tetrageneric hybrids are formed "from a personal name to which is added the termination ‑ara" (article H.6.3, International Code of Nomenclature). The suffix -ara to denote a multigeneric hybrid was introduced by the Orchid Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society for orchid hybrids in 1909 (Elliott in Occ. Pap. RHS Lindley Libr. 2: 28. 2010) and has been included in the International Code of Nomenclature since 1952 (article H.4, Stockholm Code).

Presumably named for Australian epicactus hybridizer Joyce Carr (-2001). ×Carrara Garay & H.R.Sweet (1966) is an orchid nothogenus.

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