Isolatocereus (Backeb.) Backeb. ()
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🌡 BasionymLemaireocereus subgen. Isolatocereus ()
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🌡 Type Isolatocereus dumortieri

Botanical Latin isolatus (classical Latin insulatus) ‘isolated’ + Cereus, the name of a genus of columnar cacti and a designation for columnar cacti in general. Named for “the often solitary habitat” (Backeberg 1938). According to Britton & Rose (The Cactaceae 1, 1919), the type species “is never abundant, being found generally as large isolated individuals on the sides of rocky hills and cliffs”.

Paul V. Heath demoted this genus to a subgenus of Stenocereus under the “corrected” name Insulatocereus (1996).


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β€œBotanical Latin is essentially a written language, but the scientific names of plants often occur in speech. How they are pronounced really matters little provided they sound pleasant and are understood by all concerned.”

William T. Stearn (1983): Botanical Latin, 3rd Edition: 53

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