Hildewintera F.Ritter ex G.D.Rowley, ()
šŸŒµ Author(s)
šŸŒµ Type Hildewintera aureispina
šŸŒµ Replacement of Winteria

Named for Friedrich Ritter’s sister Hildegard “Hilde” Winter, who distributed the seeds he collected in South America.

This replacement name for Winteria F.Ritter was published invalidly in 1966 by Ritter, who did not cite the basionym page. A valid replacement name, Winterocereus, was published the same year by Curt Backeberg. Gordon Rowley validated Hildewintera in 1968, but it is still illegitimate as a younger synonym of Winterocereus.

Advertisement by Hilde Winter for seeds collected by Friedrich Ritter, Cactus (Paris) 82: [ii]. 1964

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