Haageocereus acranthus subsp. backebergii

Haageocereus acranthus subsp. backebergii N.Calderón ()
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Named for German botanist Curt Backeberg (1894-1966). Calderón & al. (Bradleya 25: 69. 2007): “Backeberg (1936) misapplied the name H. acranthus to this taxon in the narrow sense. However, it is clearly different from the type of Vaupel’s species, necessitating the creation of a new name for Backeberg’s taxon at the rank of subspecies. Ritter (1981) also recognized that the taxon misdetermined by Backeberg (1936) needed a new name and created H. limensis var. andicola. H. acranthus subsp. backebergii is based on Ritter’s H. limensis var. andicola, taking the opportunity to use a more appropriate epithet than Ritter’s relatively meaningless choice of ‘andicola’ [‘Andes dweller’].”

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