Gymnorebutia Doweld ()
šŸŒµ Author(s)
šŸŒµ Type Gymnorebutia pulquinensis

Greek gymnos ‘naked’ + Rebutia. For the hairless hypanthium (or the affinity to Gymnocalycium?) and the affinity to Rebutia.

This is a replacement name (though with a different type) for Gymnantha, published not, as Mottram (Cactician 4. 2014) claims, because Doweld considered that name illegitimate, but because it was based on the “doubtful species” Echinocactus cumingii, which Doweld referred to Neoporteria.

IPNI (personal communication, July 21, 2022) considers ƗGymnorebutia P.Das, P.C.Panda & A.B.Das (1999) an orthographical variant of ƗGymnobutia P.V.Heath (1992) which does not affect the legitimacy of Gymnorebutia Doweld.

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