Gymnocalycium paediophilum

Gymnocalycium paediophilum ('paediophylum') Ritter ex Schütz ()
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Greek paidion ‘small child’ + Greek philos ‘friend’, hence ‘lover of small children’. For the many offsets, which are called Kindel (literally ‘small children’) in the native German of Friedrich Ritter, who first published the name provisionally. The epithet may have been inspired by that of Opuntia paediophila (see Tephrocactus paediophilus). Schütz, who beat Ritter to formal publication, used the spelling paediophylum (Greek phylon ‘race, tribe’), which he corrected to paediophilum in 1986.

Ritter (Kakteen Südamerika 2: 707. 1980): “This species was published by Schütz, who believed that he could not wait any longer for my publication, in the journal Kaktusy 1977, p. 100, under the distorted rendering of my name as “Gymnocalycium paediophylum Schuetz spec. nov.” (paediophilum = fond of children because of the many offsets [“Kindl”] that this species makes; phylon (Greek, Latinized phylum), on the other hand, means race, tribe).”

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