Frailea phaeodisca

Frailea phaeodisca (Speg.) Backeb. & F.M.Knuth ()
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🌵 BasionymEchinocactus pygmaeus var. phaeodiscus ()
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🌵 Basionym published in Anales Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires (ser. 3), 4: 498 (1905)

Greek phaios ‘dark, blackish gray’ + Greek diskos ‘quoit, disc’. For the color of the “disc”, i.e. the flattened plant body (cf. Spegazzini’s description of Echinocactus pygmaeus, Anales Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires (ser. 3), 4: 497-498. 1905), which distinguishes the taxon from Echinocactus pygmaeus var. pygmaeus (= Frailea pygmaea).

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