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Nothogenus for intergeneric hybrids between Epiphyllum, Heliocereus and Nopalxochia.

The names of nothogenera for trigeneric hybrids are formed either by combining the names of the parental genera "into a single word not exceeding eight syllables, using the whole or first part of one, followed by the whole or any part of another, followed by the whole or last part of the third (but not the whole of all three) and, optionally, one or two connecting vowels" or "from a personal name to which is added the termination ‑ara" (article H.6.4, International Code of Nomenclature). The suffix -ara to denote a multigeneric hybrid was introduced by the Orchid Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society for orchid hybrids in 1909 and has been included in the International Code of Nomenclature since 1952.

Publication not seen. Perhaps named for epicactus hybridizer Samuel Feast (fl. 1836) of Baltimore.

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