Escobaria zilziana

Escobaria zilziana (Boed.) Backeb. ()
🌵 Author(s)
🌵 BasionymCoryphantha zilziana ()
🌵 Basionym author(s)
🌵 Basionym published in Monatsschr. Deutsch. Kakteen-Ges. 9(11): 233 (1930)

Named for Austrian cactus enthusiast Dr. Juljan Zilz (1871-1930). Bödeker: “I have named [the species] in honor of our zealous Viennese member who unfortunately died so suddenly and tragically in the service of our cause, university lecturer Dr. J. Zilz.” Zilz died of a heart attack in the tram on the way to a meeting with the treasurer of the Vienna branch of the German Cactus Society (Monatsschr. Deutsch. Kakteen-Ges. 9(9): 185. 1930).

Juljan Zilz / Image credit: Monatsschr. Deutsch. Kakteen-Ges. 9(9): 185. 1930

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