Eriosyce marksiana var. lissocarpa

Eriosyce marksiana var. lissocarpa (F.Ritter) Katt. ()
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🌵 BasionymPyrrhocactus lissocarpus
🌵 Basionym author(s)
🌵 Basionym published in Succulenta (Netherlands) 1960(2): 17 (1960)

Greek lissos ‘smooth’ + Greek karpos ‘fruit’. Ritter: “Fruit very large, 1½—2½ cm long, 1¼ —2¼ cm wide, red, with firmly attached flower remains, with only a few easily detached minute scales and microscopic flakes of wool in the axils, so that the fruit often appears completely smooth macroscopically (lissocarpus), skin-like, hollow.”

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