Eriosyce heinrichiana

Eriosyce heinrichiana (Backeb.) Katt. ()
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🌡 BasionymHorridocactus heinrichianus ()
🌡 Basionym author(s)
🌡 Basionym published in Kakteenkunde 1942: 8 (1942)

Backeberg: “The plant was named in honor of Mr. Walter Heinrich, Leipzig, who created an important achievement of lasting value with the excellent creaction of the picture archive of the German Cactus Society and is tirelessly active in its perfection.”

The Spanish name quisquito don Rodolfo originally referred to Eriosyce wagenknechtii (named for Rodolfo Wagenknecht) and was carried over to this species when the two were synonymized. Eriosyce heinrichiana and Eriosyce wagenknechtii are now again considered two distinct species.

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