Caerulocereus Guiggi ()
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🌵 Published in Cactology 5(Suppl. 13): 4 (2022)
🌵 Type Caerulocereus bohlei

Latin caerŭlĕus ‘like the sky, azure’ + Cereus, the name of a genus of columnar cacti and a designation for columnar cacti in general. Guiggi: “a compound name from Latin caeruleus “by the colour of the sky” referred to the glaucous stem, and Latin cereus “candle” for its morphology.” The compound should have been Caeruleocereus. Although caerŭlus ‘azure’ exists, Guiggi explicitly states the first part is caerŭlĕus.

Compare Azureocereus.

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