Borzicactus roezlii

Borzicactus roezlii (F.Haage ex K.Schum.) Backeb. ()
๐ŸŒต Author(s)
๐ŸŒต Published in Blรคtt. Kakteenf. 1937(12): [6] genus 46, sp. 6 (1937)
๐ŸŒต BasionymCereus roezlii ()
๐ŸŒต Basionym author(s)
๐ŸŒต Basionym published in Gesamtbeschr. Kakt.: 64 (1897)

Named for Bohemian botanical collector Benedikt Roezl (1824-1885). Not to be confused with Cleistocactus roezlii, which is called Borzicactus neoroezlii when it is included in Borzicactus.

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