Bolivicereus simii-cauda

Bolivicereus simii-cauda ('simius-cauda') Lodé, ()
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🌵 Published in Cact.-Advent. Int. [Almeria] 34(121): 91 (2022)

Latin sīmĭi cauda ‘monkey tail’. A latinization of the Spanish vernacular name cola de mono with the same meaning, “referring to the very long hanging stems of the species” (Lodé). This is an illegitimate new name for Hildewintera colademononis (= Cleistocactus winteri subsp. colademono), whose epithet should have been taken up (“Bolivicereus colademononis“). Compare Cleistocactus brookeae subsp. vulpis-cauda (‘fox tail’). The original epithet simius-cauda (which incorrectly uses the nominative form sīmĭus) is correctable to simii-cauda (genitive form) under article 60 of the International Code of Nomenclature.

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