Airampoa soehrensii

Airampoa soehrensii (Britton & Rose) Lodé ()
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🌵 BasionymOpuntia soehrensii ()
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🌵 Basionym published in Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 1: 134 (1919)
🌵 Type of Tunilla

Named for German botanist Johannes (Juan) Söhrens (?-1934), director of the Botanical Garden at Santiago de Chile, through whose courtesy Rose “obtained some rare specimens from the Botanical Garden” (Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 1: 4. 1919), though presumably not of this species, whose type was collected by Rose and his wife in Peru.

Britton & Rose: “The plant is known everywhere by the natives as ayrampo. The seeds are collected in great quantity and dried, and may be bought in the market places, especially in Arequipa. Indeed, there must have been a time when they were shipped by freight, for the name Ayrampo has always appeared on the printed freight classification of the Southern Railroad of Peru. The assistant superintendent of the road, Mr. Brown, states that, so far as he knows, there are few or no shipments made now. One of the places in Peru where Dr. Rose found the plant very abundant is named Ayrampal.”

The species is known in Quechua as ayranpu and in Spanish as ayrampo (Academia Mayor de la Lengua Quechua de Qosqo, Diccionario: Quechua-Español-Quechua. Segunda edicíon. 2005).

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